Signet Art at Whitehall

 Whitehall’s 31st Annual Summer Seminar Series begins this Sunday July 17th, and will run until Friday the 22nd.

This year our appraiser, Brenda Simonson-Mohle, ISA/CAPP, will be teaching a two day class on the basics of appraising prints and paintings at Whitehall Antiques in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  The course, “Prints & Paintings – Essential Knowledge”, which will be taught on the 19th and 20th, will take “the class through two days, one on prints, and one on paintings. Day one is a comprehensive study of paper making and identification, printing techniques and identification of those techniques, water marks, condition and conservation issues. Day two explores the world of paint on canvas, wood, etc with an eye to sharpening our ability to discern restoration, suspect signatures, etc. Learn when to call for help instead of relying on your own judgment. . .”

This Annual Summer Seminar Series is an ideal learning opportunity for beginning collectors, seasoned appraisers and veteran dealers alike. You’ll learn insider tips and trade secrets from nationally known experts in all-day sessions featuring hands-on, object oriented instruction coupled with illustrated lectures and stimulating Q&A discussions.

You can get a sneak peak of Brenda’s presentation by visiting our YouTube page, there you will be able to preview two new videos going over print technique; one on Screenprint instruction and the other on Lithography.

The other courses being taught include “Essential Silver Research” presented by Dr. Ron Swaab & David Lindquist on the 17th,  “Intensive Study: Furniture Authentication” presented by Elizabeth Lindquist & David Lindquist on the 18th, and “Hot and Cold in the Asian Market – On and Off the Wall!” presented by Dr. Daphne Lange Rosenzweig on the 21st and 22nd.

So, if you are looking for a vacation and a great art and antique learning opportunity, this is the seminar to attend!

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